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How To Style Your Post-baby Body

Being a new mother is both wonderful and exhausting! It’s the miracle of life but it is also challenging both physically and mentally. With their bodies changing some women find it very difficult to feel comfortable in their own skin. Especially so when lactating. There are many struggles when having to tend to a hungry infant when away from the comfort of your own home.Every woman should have the right to nurse their babies in public without any hassle. Unfortunately, women are forced to deal with public scrutiny or the leering of creeps. However, women who are self-conscious about doing so should never have to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed! You should always feel comfortable and at ease! If you are most at ease when you are covered you have several options.

You can travel with feeding scarves and covers especially made for women and their new borns to provide them with the privacy they need. If you want convenient and specially made clothing that allow you to be discreet but are the coziest for your baby its best to purchase breastfeeding tops for when you are out and about with your child. There are a wide range of designs to choose from, all of which have openings for access, relaxed material for your and your baby’s comfort and a layer that will conceal your feeding baby. Being a new mother doesn’t mean you should stick to lose and baggy clothing. There are so many ways you can dress a pregnant belly!

So, post-baby shouldn’t be any different! Keira Knightley and her baby bump walking the Oscar red carpet in a breathtakingly beautiful floral Valentino Couture number is an iconic fashion statement. Knightley set the standards of maternity wear showing that comfort doesn’t always have to be sweat pants and a jumper. If it is within your budget, fits your body and you want to wear it, go for it! Dresses are never off the table. It you feel self-conscious about your post-pregnancy belly you can always layer an outfit with a coat. Having a coat at hand means having your very own safety net. If you feel confidant and comfortable you can take it off or wear it open, if not you can always have it buttoned or covering your problem areas.

Stock up on your nursing tops for when your baby needs to be tended to and for convenience and comfort. But never forget that you look beautiful and can rock a good outfit whenever you please. Post-delivery can be tough. Some women bounce back immediately while others take time. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t fit into your favorite body con dress as soon as you walk out that delivery room! It’ll take a bit of time, effort and exercise to get back to your pre-pregnancy body but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear body con dresses! Just buy another that fits you now! Make sure that when with your child, you are able to tend to them when they need but with new comfortable, stylish and convenient additions to maternity wear means you don’t have to resort to wearing a tent all day long!