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Beach Day Essentials Checklist


Planning a beach day with your kids takes as much effort as planning a two week getaway without your kids. Planning a spontaneous beach day will definitely be a disaster since whatever you think you packed will not be enough when you are on the beach. Solution? Coming up with an all-inclusive checklist for the beach day. If you are doing the beach day for the first time with your new additions to the family, until you get used to the beach day routine, this checklist should come in handy.

Pop up tent is a must

If you have kids who are really small, investing in a pop up tent or a foldable shelter is a quite practical idea. These come in a functional pack with a zipper that is extremely ergonomic. This will eventually come in handy if your babies need some shade to take a nap after a few hours on the beach. No one actually hogs around huge beach umbrellas anymore and therefore this will be a great addition to the checklist.

Other minor stuff

Minor stuff can easily be forgotten and they can also be vital to boost the fun on the beach. Make sure you pack the swim suits for the kids and make sure you pack other important things the likes of kid’s toys, a towelling bathrobe for each kid, toys to play with and even an extra pair of swimsuits for the kids.

Investing in a hooded towel is also great idea if you have very young kids. This way they won’t have to go around in a towel or eat in their wet swimsuits once they have come out of the water.

Bring shopping bags

Yes, the plastic bags pose a great threat for the environment. However, when you are packing all the wet undies, the swimsuits and other accidentally dampened clothes, the plastic bags can come in handy as well. Plus you cannot dispose of the used diaper just Willy nilly around the beach too? If the garbage disposal is too far away and you do not want to leave your damaging trails around the beach, you can bring in some plastic bags.

Sleepy time buddies

There is nothing wrong with spending the entire day on the beach with your family. This however means you will have to take care of the short and peaceful nap times of your babies. You can bring a soft blanket, preferably something they love and some soft toy as well. This will put things in perspective when they are taking a break from all the running around on the beach.


How To Take Care Of Your Feet

Many of spending a significant amount of money and time taking care of our face and eyes. But one part of the body that we tend to ignore is our feet. But what we don’t realize is that this is the part of the body that we tend to use a lot. However, we only become aware of it when we suffer an injury or when it starts hurting. Therefore it is the time that we start giving this appendage of our body the proper care it needs. As you may know by now there are countless conditions that can plague your feet. Many of you may have thought that they were caused by genes. Therefore due to this reason you do not take any precautionary steps. However, it should be noted that with regular care it is possible to avoid many of these feet related conditions.  

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Something that every medical professional would tell you to do is wear comfortable shoes. Therefore due to this reason, we tend to buy shoe insoles or orthotic insoles Australia. But many of us do not use them. That is because we don’t realize their importance. However, it is possible to avoid this issue altogether if your purchase heels or boots that fit your feet. But many of us do not do this. Instead, we tend to purchase items base on their appearance. Even if a pair is too tight or too lose we would purchase them. But we don’t realize is that ill-fitting boots or heels can cause a variety of problems.

Wear The Proper Material

You may have heard that wearing certain types of shoes for a long time is bad for you. For instance, wearing high heels is said to cause damage to the bones of your feet. Therefore due to this reason, we only wear them once in a while. But have you heard that there is some material that is also bad for you? Ideally, it is recommended for one to wear leather or cotton. This is recommended because these are a natural material. Therefore they possess the capacity to allow your feet to breath. But we understand that many individuals are reluctant to purchase such material. That is because they think it requires a significant amount of care. But that is not exactly true. If one has a perfect collonil waterstop spray in their possession that alone would be sufficient.As we grow older each part of our body suffers the wears and tears of age. One part that suffers a significant amount is your feet. Therefore due to this reason make sure to follow these tips and to take care of them.