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Best Places To Include Patchwork Designs

Patch working is actually an interesting form of art that combines many different shades and patters together to create an entirely different and unique piece. And so, this trick has spread to other areas as well, without being limited to only fabrics. Here are some such examples.


To create furniture that stands out from your entire living space simply because of the appearance of it, you can easily use this trick and incorporate wholesale quilting fabricdesigns for your cushion covers. This way you are adding an extra touch without really having to move and fuss about with things. And so, it also eliminates the need for over the top interior designs as well. In other words, simply because of this detail, you don’t have to even include anymore to fill in the living space. However, what you need to remember is that when these vibrant colored prints are used on these covers, the rest of the background ought to be of a neutral shade. Only then would they bring out the vibrant effect from the designs and balance out the overall look.


It is no shocker that patchwork fabric has now even been incorporated in to wall paper designs as well! with the many designs available out there, now you have the liberty of choosing one that goes with your wall color and overall furniture. So look for it and give your room a makeover it deserves. if there isn’t such a mix, you can always use the good ole DIY technique and revamp up your room. Rather than sticking to one design or print, you can combine a couple different ones altogether to create a whole new kind. This way you can save up on the extra dollars while also designing something unique! Visit for lewis and irene fabrics.


Tiles generally are known to be of varied patterns, however if you want to create one of a kind backlash in your kitchen, shop for vibrant shades with unique designs. This way you can easily make these stand out better while combining them with neutral shade background and furniture. This idea is in fact perfect to give the entire room or space a playful and homely aura. However, remember not to go over the top with it by filling in an entire wall with these designs, because it would actually not serve the look you are going for. Instead aim it at small spaces like backlash as they would be ideal to fill up them.

In addition to the above, you could also use this design on your ground tiles as well. So choose the right kinds and have fun with installing them in the ideal places!